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Leveling Flute Tone Holes


Thorough Diagnostics


The purchase of the bore-o-scope in 2004 by Feldman Music was a leap forward in accurate port alignment in both rotary and piston valve instruments. Now having the ability to access a clear view of previously inaccessible areas of the instrument's interior it becomes readily clear that the manufacturer's indexing strikes that

we've referenced for decades are often sorely inaccurate.

Port alignment is one of the the most critical variables in the fine tuning of brass instruments, effecting not only it's free-blowing character, but pitch, tone color, slotting, and response.


The travel of four French horn rotors are carefully regulated before being sent on to final assembly.






Regardless of the instrument, quality repair and restoration depend wholly on the proper preparation from the ground up. A missed step is a weak link that will remain in the final product.

In the case of wooden instruments, the wood itself is a daunting task to stabilize, as most advanced players have learned. Too dry, it shrinks and expands rapidly when it's environment changes; too oil laden, it will produce a covered, dull sound, loosing it's voice.

Before any cracks or structural damage is addressed the wood is rehydrated and "relaxed" through cycles of heating and cooling while submerged in a combination of pharmaceutical-grade natural oils.

Sadly, these oils were dropped from use by manufacturers in the early twentieth century in an effort to cut cost.




Finishing the Job


With all key mechanisms fit to exacting standards, they can now reliably do their job; i.e., repeat precisely the same motion regardless of playing position, pressure exerted on them, or from what angle that pressure is applied.

It then becomes the job of the craftsman to marry all of the interrelated mechanisms to complete the servicing of the instrument.








Maintenance Protection


  As a new service to our valued customers, Feldman Music is now offering Instrument Repair

  Coverage. This inexpensive but vital service will make sure that your instrument stays in peak 

  playing condition so you will never have the unexpected expense and worry of keeping it 





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